Blue Faery’s Liver Cancer Community

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Blue Faery’s Liver Cancer Community

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Liver Cancer Community

Blue Faery is proud to join HealthUnlocked to create our liver cancer community; it is the first online patient forum specifically for HCC patients and caregivers. Moderated by two HCC caregivers who lost their loved ones to this deadly disease, Blue Faery’s Liver Cancer Community is open to all HCC patients and their caregivers. The online, private, HIPAA-compliant forum respects patients and caregivers; they may join under an alias if they so desire though all communications are only seen by members.

Our goal is to support people affected by a diagnosis of primary liver cancer, specifically Hepatocellular Carcinoma. In the forum, you can

  • share your story,
  • connect with other patients,
  • make new friends and
  • receive peer support.

While we encourage patients to discuss their disease, please remember every patient’s journey is different. In the forum, do not recommend

  • treatment options,
  • medications,
  • doctors or
  • hospitals.

We ask that all community members read our Community Guidelines and abide by them. Thank you!

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