Our Values

Blue Faery: The Adrienne Wilson Liver Cancer Association



Our Values

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Our values guide all of our decisions, both strategic and operational, and help us tell the world how we interact with those we serve and those we work with in partnership. They inform our strategies for engaging and communicating with the public, with our service users and our funders, and guide how we treat each other internally.

Commitment to Outstanding Service

The patients, families, caregivers and healthcare providers treating patients will always be put first in everything we do. We will be their voice. We will make it easy for them to communicate with us and with each other. We will be responsive to their needs and requests, answering calls, emails and other communications in a timely, thoughtful and caring manner. We will strive to give our service users what they need whenever possible. We will make it easy for people to access information they need about our organization and the work we do.

Competence with High Quality Products

We will produce high quality products to achieve our Vision and Mission to support service users, customers/donors and raise awareness with the general public. Our publications will be made accessible to all who need them, and will be well written, well designed and printed to a high standard. Our online presence will be cohesive, branded and coordinated with messages that reinforce our efforts to be the voice for patients, caregivers and those working in the field of HCC and hepatitis. The awards we give for research and patient advocacy will be delivered through a high quality, robust decision-making process.

Cost Effective and Efficient

Our organization will remain primarily a volunteer-driven organization with as low overhead costs as possible. Technology will be utilized as much as possible to allow for virtual management of the organization, with no facility costs or office overheads. Administrative costs will be kept to a minimum. Transparency of costs and the oversight of these budgets will be managed carefully through good governance by the Board of Directors and any Executive staff that are employed.

Conscientious Collaboration

We will stay true to our Mission and Vision and protect patient privacy. We will protect the deep trust our service users put in us, never selling or sharing their information for any reason. We will be selective and strategic about the partnerships and funding relationships we enter into, aligning these with our Vision and Mission, and keeping the needs of our service users at the heart of everything we do.

Communication and Transparency

We will work in partnership with researchers, pharmaceutical companies, donors and those funding bodies supporting us financially to ensure they have the information they need to reassure them that the work we do together is well-managed, cost-effective and impactful. We will be transparent about our financial management, and communicate progress regularly to those helping us do this important, life-changing work.