Annual Golf Tournament Raises Funds to Fight Liver Cancer



Annual Golf Tournament Raises Funds to Fight Liver Cancer

Every year since 2006, the annual Rhino Invitational Golf Tournament has donated the proceeds of their event to Blue Faery in memory of Matt “Rhino” Anderson, who died from HCC on November 10, 2003.

Despite all of the COVID-related challenges, Matt's friends and family managed to have the event this year while social distancing. Cathy Anderson, Matt's widow, has been instrumental in keeping the event going every year and encouraging her three sons to participate.

Blue Faery received $2500 from this year's tournament bringing the total contributions from the event to over $23,000. The organization is deeply grateful to Matt's friends and family, especially Cathy and Charles, for continuing to honor Matt and for supporting Blue Faery's endeavors.

Cathy and Chris Anderson

Cathy Anderson's children

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