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Blue Faery’s website

  • Our HCC patient education brochures have been distributed in over 40 treatment centers across the United States. To obtain FREE brochures for your hospital, research facility or private practice, visit our HCC Brochures page.
  • Every year, Blue Faery acknowledges doctors who conduct innovative liver cancer research. For more information regarding the guidelines, deadlines and former recipients, go to our Blue Faery Award page.
  • If you are interested in participating on our Advisory Board, please contact  Dr. Abou-Alfa. Advisory Board members are often consulted when patients have questions, when publications are being revised, or when Blue Faery award candidates are being reviewed.
  • We encourage all doctors to peruse our Liver Cancer News for the latest updates regarding hepatocellular carcinoma research.
  • To receive the latest Blue Faery news, sign up for our monthly e-Newsletter.

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