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01 January 2022

Liver Cancer News updated

Blue Faery’s Liver Cancer News page has been updated to reflect the most current news and medical updates about primary liver cancer aka Hepatocellular Carcinoma (HCC). If you…

15 October 2021

2022 Blue Faery Award Nomination Period Opens

On November 1, the 2022 Blue Faery Award for Excellence in Liver Cancer Research open for nominations. We have switched from an email submission process to an electronic form….

06 August 2021

Help detect liver cancer early

Help Detect Liver Cancer Early

Join CLiMB by Helio Health

If you currently have liver cirrhosis, you could be an important part of the research that can help save your life…

05 February 2021

Love Your Liver in February

The best way to stop liver cancer is to prevent it before it happens!

Most types of liver cancer are preventable. Often, symptoms are undetected, overlooked, or do not develop…

30 September 2020

Join the HCC Cancer Experience Registry

Blue Faery has renewed its partnership with the Cancer Support Community (CSC) to encourage liver cancer patients and caregivers to join the Cancer Experience Registry.

The Cancer Experience Registry: Liver

30 August 2020

Blue Faery partners with Perthera

Do you want a precision cancer analysis of your tumor so that you know your exact condition and what is driving your liver cancer?

Do you want your own tumor board comprised of…

01 June 2020

Blue Faery partners with Imerman Angels to provide peer support

Blue Faery is thrilled to partner with Imerman Angels to provide peer-to-peer support services to the liver cancer community. We encourage you to register to be matched with a Mentor Angel…

08 April 2020

Dr. Ann-Lii Cheng Wins 2020 Blue Faery Award

Dr. Ann-Lii Cheng Wins 2020 Blue Faery Award for Excellence in Liver Cancer Research

Professor Ann-Lii Cheng has contributed significantly to the basic knowledge and clinical…

01 April 2020

Three tips to protect yourself from COVID-19

From President Andrea Wilson

COVID-19 has scared everyone! But most of us 👨‍👩‍👧 are not in the “high-risk” category.

However, if you are a cancer patient going through treatment 😷 OR…