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15 May 2020

Download Our Liver Cancer Guide

In partnership with Patient Resource LLC, we have produced the first Patient Resource Liver Cancer Guide for primary liver cancer! This guide is free for liver cancer patients,…

30 April 2020

Liver Cancer News updated

Blue Faery's Liver Cancer News page has been updated to reflect the most current news and medical updates about primary liver cancer aka Hepatocellular Carcinoma (HCC). If you…

08 April 2020

Dr. Ann-Lii Cheng Wins 2020 Blue Faery Award

Dr. Ann-Lii Cheng Wins 2020 Blue Faery Award for Excellence in Liver Cancer Research

Professor Ann-Lii Cheng has contributed significantly to the basic knowledge and clinical…

01 April 2020

Three tips to protect yourself from COVID-19

From President Andrea Wilson

COVID-19 has scared everyone! But most of us 👨‍👩‍👧 are not in the “high-risk” category.

However, if you are a cancer patient going through treatment 😷 OR…

25 February 2020

President Andrea Wilson Speaks At HCC TAG Conference

President Andrea Wilson spoke at the first HCC TAG conference held in Park City, Utah, from February 20 – 22. She showed her presentation titled I Wish,…

15 January 2020

President Andrea Wilson Featured in SU2C Shop Stories

As part of an ongoing collaboration with Stand Up To Cancer, President Andrea Wilson has been featured in SU2C's Shop Stories. It's no surprise that Andrea Stands Up…

20 November 2019

Scientific Peer Review of Congressionally Directed Medical Research Programs’ PRCRP for the Department of Defense

The Congressionally Directed Medical Research Programs’ (CDMRP), Peer Reviewed Cancer Research Program (PRCRP) consumer advocate Andrea Wilson recently participated in the evaluation of research applications submitted to the PRCRP….

15 November 2019

Blue Faery Attends The Liver Meeting

President Andrea Wilson, Volunteer Booth Manager Elizabeth Marquez and Board Director Matthew Loxton attended AASLD's annual Liver Meeting in Boston from November 8 – 11. More than 250 people…

21 September 2019

Help us learn more about the liver cancer community

Blue Faery has partnered with Cancer Support Community (CSC) to encourage liver cancer patients and caregivers  to join the Cancer Experience Registry.

The Cancer Experience Registry: Liver Cancer is a…

13 September 2019

Eisai’s Chief Scientific Officer Says “I Was One of Those Families”

Article for Blue Faery by Kenichi Nomoto
Interviewed by Cindy Gessell, Senior Consultant, Eisai Inc.

Thirty-five years later, driven by personal and professional passion, Dr. Kenichi Nomoto expands the liver cancer…

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