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Join our Blue Faery Board

Blue Faery is seeking four new board members with accounting, business, information technology, pharmaceutical, or public services/administration experience. Blue Faery holds elections during our December meeting, and each board member serves for two years with the option of running for reelection when their term expires. If you are interested, we encourage you to fill out our volunteer form. Thank you for your interest in preventing, treating and curing primary liver cancer!

Blue Faery board members are expected to

  • To attend board meetings regularly (Per Blue Faery’s bylaws, regular meetings of directors shall be held on the first Sunday of each even month plus the first Sunday in January at 5:00 p.m. PST via conference for a total of seven meetings during a calendar year.)
  • To serve on at least one committee
  • To make an annual financial contribution to Blue Faery
  • To stay informed about issues and participate fully in the governance of the organization
  • To participate in Blue Faery fundraising activities by attending special events and providing prospective donor contacts
  • To communicate the benefits of Blue Faery’s programs to friends and other members of the community
  • To not participate in board deliberations when a conflict of interest exists
  • To be passionate about the prevention, treatment and cure of primary liver cancer; experience in healthcare and nonprofits is a plus!

Become the Chair of the Public Relations Committee

Blue Faery seeks an experienced public relations professional who would like to give his or her time to a small, but dedicated, nonprofit organization. He/she should have a degree in public relations, communications, journalism, or a related field. Experience can substitute for formal education. The Chair can expect to spend approximately eight hours per month on Blue Faery activities.

Duties include (but are not limited to):

  1. Draft press releases using AP style with perfect grammar, punctuation and spelling.
  2. Respond to requests for information from the media or choose appropriate person to fulfill the task.
  3. Establish and maintain relationships with parties who can further Blue Faery’s mission.
  4. Identify and arrange PR/promotional opportunities (e.g., public appearances, interviews, lectures, conferences)
  5. Hold monthly meetings, which includes writing an agenda and keeping minutes. Meetings may be conducted in-person, by telephone, or via email.
  6. Manage and recruit committee members including giving assignments and monitoring progress.
  7. Report to the board of directors regarding PR activities.*
  8. Plan short and long-term goals and objectives for the committee.

If you are interested in this position or know someone who might be, please Email Andrea.

*There are seven board meetings per year; they are typically the first Sunday of every even month plus January. Meetings may be moved for holidays, but they are always on Sunday and usually start at 5 p.m. PST.

Become a Blue Faery Community Ambassador

Later this year, Blue Faery is launching its online patient community and we need your help! Ideally, a Blue Faery Community Ambassador is someone who has experience with liver cancer either as a patient or caregiver. You have been there — in the trenches. You know what it’s like. You can relate. Your duties would include:

  • Creating viable content for the online forum (assistance provided)
  • Moderating all comments to ensure community rules are respected
  • Answering questions if capable BUT not providing medical advice
  • Directing patients to other resources and appropriate community partners that are outside Blue Faery’s expertise
  • Reporting results to President Andrea Wilson (attendance at board meetings is optional)

You do not need to be an expert in social media platforms, but familiarity helps (e.g., do you use Facebook?). You will receive initial training and ongoing instruction as needed. When you succeed, we succeed in providing a safe place for liver cancer patients to talk to each other about their disease.

If you are interested in this position or know someone who might be, please Email Andrea.


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