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    Team Blue Faery

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    Blue Faery board members and volunteers participate in many marathons including the Los Angeles Marathon, the San Francisco Marathon, the Long Beach Marathon, the Las Vegas and San Diego Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathons, the Marine Corps Marathon, the Vancouver Marathon, and the Silicon Valley Marathon.

    If you are interested in doing a marathon, please email Thank you!


    Volunteer Mavis Wong waves as she runs the 2014 Los Angeles Marathon.


    President Andrea Wilson concentrates on running the Las Vegas Marathon in 2006.


    President Andrea Wilson pauses for a break during the Los Angeles Marathon in 2003 with Volunteer Marina Unchenik.


    Volunteer Brooke Ruth slows down for a photo op during the Long Beach Marathon in 2006.


    Vice President Sherri Rose and Volunteer Susanne Eymer smile after finishing the Silicon Valley Marathon in 2006.

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